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Crys Tucker - Artist 


Crys Tucker was born and raised in Memphis, TN the oldest of 5, she discovered her natural creative side at the tender age of 5 when she started writing poems and short stories. As she grew her creative curiosity grew and she dabbled in many of the arts but found her true passion in photography in 2006.

Starting a service based photography business in her home town, she saw her work published in many magazines both locally and internationally. In 2018 Crys made the decision to close down her photography business after 12 years of shooting, she was experiencing heavy burnout. It wasn't an easy decision but she knew she wanted to create from her own personal experiences. In December 2020 Crys had her first show, a solo show at Johnavich Studio in Dallas, TX.  Officially introducing her work and herself as an artist, the show was comprised of all black photo art dated from start to the finish of Crys' service photography career. She called the show INCOHESIVIE, her statement to the world.

She was free, free from others ideas of what she should be or should create, free from how it's "supposed" to be. A natural free spirit she creates from a moment, a fleeting feeling  to freeze in time. It does not repeat it is incohesive  upon first glance, but there is always a story to be told in it all. Exploring multiple disciplines, in true free form, Crys truly does not box herself in. As an artist, she believes the most important rule in creating is to let yourself be free of rules, don't hold back, if you have something to say? Say it! This is how she creates, exploring every angle she can see, as she does the world around her.


Books & Covers, East Lubbock Art House, Lubbock, TX Feb 10- March 10

Professional Experience



Professional Photographer 

Crys Tucker Photography, Memphis, TN


Bishop Arts Theater, Photography Instructor

classes taught: Photography for Kids

Awards, Grants & Residencies



Artist in Residence, The Inn Between, Concan, TX

EASL Grant Recipient





Freedom, Sweetwater Coffee + Tea, Little Elm Texas Sept 17- Nov 10

Incohesive , Johnavich Studios, Dallas Texas Dec 7- Dec 21







Juneteenth Juried Art Show, Garland Cultural Arts Center, Garland, TX  June 15-26

Together We Make Art Happen, Fort Worth Community Arts Center, Fort Worth, TX March 1- 23

Artist of the Month, Dunn Brothers Coffee, Addison, TX- Feb 5-March 5

Annual Exhibition ,East Lubbock Art House, Lubbock, TX- May 20-June 20

Carroll Harris Sims , African American Museum, Dallas. TX- Dec 17-June 12

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