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Eternal Soul pt. 1

Have you Ever met your twin flame? I have, and I promise ya'll I never knew what a 'twin flame" was until I did. I had heard of soul mates sure but was I invested in that term or level of thinking? Absolutely not. There where undeniable messages in our encounter that forced me to notice them, like an unspeakable guidance in their direction I could not ignore. The signs where clear that this happenstance was divinely orchestrated, without my knowledge or consent. Have you ever felt a pull from your soul like a magnet attracting its other end? Ever  been in a complete strangers presence and felt more at "home" then you ever have before? Felt the joy of them coming and knew exactly when they would and the pain of them leaving like a part of you was ripping from your very being?

No? Well it's not as romantic as some may have you believe and there is so much more to it and to this story but for now we start here.


This series explores and depicts the awakened twins point of view when in separation. 
The Pain. The Unconditional Love. The Connection. 

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