Take Your Time with Self Care

Set small goals to accomplish one big one ft Jord Watches + NEW YEAR's GIVEAWAY

You may have heard the phrase “It’s a marathon, not a sprint”, used it a time or two yourself, or are just plain ole sick of hearing it. On either account, you know what it means when you hear it so here’s true cliche #8 for this blog :) Self Care is a marathon, not a sprint! As with most of the important things in our lives, self-care is a learning experience that never stops. Because we are constantly evolving, what we need, our likes and dislikes even our taste buds change, we have to learn to adapt our self-care routines to where we are in life at the moment. Sometimes trying to keep up with all the changes we experience can be daunting, setting these huge goals of grandeur without really knowing HOW we are going to get there or when. It’s ok trust me when I say WE ALL do this. It wasn’t until this year at the tender age of 36 that I learned the power in breaking down your Self Care goals into small obtainable tasks. It's like a roadmap to your ultimate goal. A step by step guide you make for yourself. In 2020 I have two Major Goals that fit into all categories of my life, Give + Balance. Balance I'll talk about in a later post for now I'd like to focus on my goal of giving more this year. Giving is such a broad category right? It leaves a lot of questions out there like, Give what? When? Where? Why?! That is how your roadmap starts, by answering these questions you will give yourself an idea of the general direction you want to go. Answers to those questions can be broken down even more into tasks and believe it or not many times those tasks can be broken down into small daily goals. See where I'm going with this?

Write Down Your Goals then create a Roadmap for how you're going to get there.

To help me breakdown my own goals, I took time to write out my thoughts in my composition book but that quickly turned into pages and pages of life goals that could have been easily passed for a short story. Though it was great to write it ALL out (and much needed) I wanted a more of an outline of what I had written down, you know like the ones our middle school english teachers use to make us create? When I was done I was truly amazed how clear my head was and how much more confident I was that I would accomplish what I wanted now that I could see a clear path to achievement. Do you have trouble achieving your goals? It's okay if you do. Learning how to properly set goals for yourself is a skill that should taught instead of just casually mentioned like it is. Sure we can write down what we want but the real challenge is figuring out HOW to get there. Hopefully this post sheds some light on it and you leave feeling empowered and confident in creating your own blue print for your self care goals.

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